Mission Statement: Our mission is to produce music for movies. We want to further the career of country western musicians in Stillwater, Oklahoma, as well.

Sutliff Studios LLC

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About Our High-Quality Studio in Stillwater, OK

When you’re recording your most important music or voice-overs, you want a studio that matches your commitment to quality. You’ve worked hard to hone your skills, so you deserve equipment and an environment that showcases your talent and the effort you’ve taken to elevate it. At Sutliff Studios LLC, we pride ourselves on the ability to bring out the best in every line and note.

Specializing in recording for movies, our high-quality studio in Stillwater, OK, is the perfect place to create your brand and make a name for yourself in the industry. With available assistance from our in-house staff, you’ll have all the help you need to make sure that you have the right sound for your project. From supporting top-notch films to furthering the careers of local country western musicians, we are the right choice for exceptional recording.

An Independent Company with You at Our Core

In the past, limited access to high-quality recording equipment made it hard to forge a career without connections. As better technology becomes accessible to more and more people, however, it’s easier for independently owned and operated studios like ours to create a space for emerging, returning, and experienced artists to receive the same level of attentive service. Our goal is simple: we want to make your recording dreams come true.

By giving you the best tools in the business and an environment where your talent is the sole focus of your session, we make sure you’re not lost in the noise of other artists when you’re ready to approach industry executives. We never lose sight of what makes your voice special, and that’s what makes us different from other studios. You don’t have to sound a certain way to find success -- we give you the benefit of our expertise as well as the equipment to stand out for your own style.

Making Your Voice Heard

For many artists, the recording experience comes with compromise. Studios try to make unique voices sound more commercial and coach clients into corners in an attempt to replicate what’s popular in the industry. Though we’re happy to help you maximize your options, our focus isn’t on helping you blend in -- it’s all about making you stand out. Find out how we can tailor our services to highlight what’s special about your voice by working with our high-quality studio.

Contact us to book a session or learn more about our equipment. We proudly serve Stillwater, OK, and the surrounding areas.